DJ Jam


DJ Jam, the go-to DJ for Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, links up with Radio Express dropping two fire weekly shows: “The Hot Spot” and “Mid-Nite Grooves”. He turned up the heat at 92.3 KKBT-FM in Los Angeles, scoring them a top spot on the ratings for the first time. That’s the kinda vibe he brings.

DJ Jam isn’t new to this. He’s rolled with big dogs like Snoop, Dre and Biggie. And with Raymond T hosting, these shows have that extra flavor to keep listeners locked in.

With DJ Jam spinning, expect nothing less than a wave of urban beats and rhythms that’ll have the city vibing. Slide into this opportunity to keep the block hot; hit up Radio Express to get these shows on your station.

The Hot Spot

A 2-hour weekly session, mixing the freshest Hip-Hop, RnB, Latin Soul, Reggae and AfroBeat tracks with those classic jams. It’s the legit soundtrack for the streets.

Mid-Nite Grooves

A 2-hour weekly session blending sensual RnB, Hop-Hop, Latin Soul, Reggae, and Afrobeats.



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