The History Of Rock 'n' Roll
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Here at Radio Express our mission is to help you grow your station by helping you increase your ratings, increase your reputation and ultimately increase your revenue.

Having The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll on your station will help you increase all three of these areas and we are committed to working with you and helping you do that.

When you take the History Of Rock ‘n’ Roll show we also:

  1. Help you make the most out of carrying the show.
  2. Give you Station IDs and Sweepers so it sounds part of your overall programming.
  3. Work with you to ensure you maximise having The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll on your station.

One of the Radio Express team will talk you through all the benefits you receive when taking the History Of Rock ‘n’ Roll show on your station.

And as always, if you have ANY questions please do ask, we’re here to help you grow your station!


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