If they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then YOUR Morning Show Is the Most IMPORTANT Show Of The Day On Your Station

Mornings set the pace for the rest of your listeners day and…

Here’s How To Guarantee Your Listeners Wake Up To Your Breakfast Show And Stay Locked To Your Station For The Rest of The Day


Morning Freqzs Volumes 1 & 2

World Renowned Sound Designers and Imaging Producers, Bryan Apple & Joe D’Agostin, teamed up to bring you “MORNING FREQZ”. Vol. 1 & 2…

You can never have enough material for your Mornings, and “MORNING FREQZ” is essential for updating your most important branding needs.

A total of 711 tracks across the two volumes specifically designed to reinvigorate your Morning’s imaging!

You get…

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Ryan Drean Producers Podcast * V.O. Talent * Imaging Producer

It gives you everything that you need to image your morning show & more. It’s funny, comprehensive, superb quality and provides endless use. It’s a huge bang for the buck!

Dan Kelly Creative services director for 95.5 WPLJ & NASH 94.7

The Morning Freqz imaging libraries are PERFECT for producing your morning show imaging. It’s packed with everything you could possibly need for a morning show

Which Freqz’s For You?

Morning Freqz Vol. 1

$ 299
  • 237 Imaging FX
  • 54 Beds plus mix outs (195 Tracks)
  • 136 Morning, Breakfast & Start Off Related Drops
  • 68 Listener Drops
  • 75 More Assorted Elements (Shells/Mix outs)

BEST VALUE - Save $100

Morning Freqz Vol. 1 & 2

$ 499
  • 474 Imaging FX
  • 108 Beds plus mix outs ( 390 Tracks)
  • 272 Morning, Breakfast & Start Off Related Drops
  • 136 Listener Drops
  • 150 More Assorted Elements (Shells/Mix outs)

Morning Freqz Vol. 2

$ 299
  • 237 Imaging FX
  • 54 Beds plus mix outs (195 Tracks)
  • 136 Morning, Breakfast & Start Off Related Drops
  • 68 Listener Drops
  • 75 More Assorted Elements (Shells/Mix outs)
Terry Phillips V.O. Talent/Imaging Producer/Creative Services Director for WOMC Detroit’s Greatest Hits & 99.5 WCYD Detroit's Country

Beds, Drops, Listener Bits, Mix Outs, and Shells ready for you to Drag and Drop your VO… Seriously the listener parts alone are worth it, add on the beds… seriously those two alone should sell you! If your a producer looking for lots of parts, they are here… if you’re wearing 50 hats at 5 stations, the shells ready for VO drop in are there too. Market 1 to 300, if you do imaging stuff, you need this stuff, and if you are the morning show, on the morning show, adjacent to the morning show, or even in the proximity to one... listen to this stuff, it’s good... really really damn good! And get it before you hear it on air across the street

Joe & Bryan have created this imaging library with their fellow overburdened production friends in mind.

They truly understand the pain of stressful deadlines, producing for multiple stations and late nights!

These tools will help increase your productivity, keep your workflow moving quickly & give you a chance to come up for air … you might even get a night or weekend off!

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