Sticky FX Splash

Sticky FX Splash

When the temperatures are rising and so is the pressure of getting all your summer imaging done in time, you might find yourself breaking out in a sweat. Stop perspiring and start producing relaxed and chill with the ultimate summer imaging kit Splash. 200 hot FX and wet work parts that let the sunshine into your studio but keep you cool.

Splash has everything to make your imaging hit hard this summer. From aqua rich Pool Punchers to temperamental Siesta Slammers. Or give your production the freshness it needs with Cool Crashes, Summer Sweeps and Wet Whooshes. Even when you want to heat things up, Splash has got you covered with Hot Hits, Spicey Sizzlers, Tropical Thunders and sexy Bikini Breakers. Or chill out and let the Beach Beds do their work for your production. These sunny beats and melodies get you into the summer spirit instantly and each bed comes in five different versions, so you’ll have complete production flexibility!

Feel and hear the summer with the 200 ear-conditioned FX and work parts of Splash! It will freshen up your station’s imaging and will even get rid of that smell in your production room. Get Splash now and make your station, program or podcast shine instantly!

Format: Digital Download


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