Absolute Imaging

absolute imaging imaging library

Absolute Imaging is a large scale radio imaging service for Contemporary music formats, from world-famous Rick Allen Creative. It has an intuitive “on-line to on-the-air” workflow, with simple-to-customize Imaging Shells and fully produced imaging tracks with all their components.
Absolute Imaging delivers Promo and Spot beds, so it’s ideal for producing both station promos AND commercial spots. Beat Breaks are intense, highly-produced imaging sweepers that you can customize in seconds.
Based on many years of experience, this library delivers the most useful material, with longer and more active drones, custom beds for promos and talk overs, custom Accents that save you time, voices of the artists and of listeners on the street and on the phone, hard-to-find drops from old movies, TV and more.
• Over 16,000 tracks available to start.

• 100+ new tracks per month.

• Market Exclusive – only one station per market may be licensed.

• Download WAV files or high-resolution MP3 files.

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