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From the team of producers at Contraband Media who have imaged the likes of BBC Radio 1, Virgin and KIIS, comes Imaging Blueprint.​

​IB covers every facet of your station sound! From FX, bespoke music, IDs and Sweepers. Ranging from Top Of Hours to Out Of Breaks, New Music to Commercial Free, plus everything in between. IB has the newest Branded Intros, next generation Sound Design, and extensive Topical content. Whether it’s Independence Day in the USA or Anzac Day in Australia & New Zealand…Canada Day or St. Patrick’s Day…MTV VMAs or the MTV EMAs… it’s all there! Not to mention the most extensive Artist Content. Imaging Blueprint has your playlist covered!

IB is like an extra member of your production team, there when you need them and always reliable!

If you’d like to check us out, please let us know and we’ll arrange a trial today.

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