Pod Splat! – Podcast Production Packs

Pod Splat!

The sound, style and sonic swagger of SPLAT! Radio Imaging – now available in easy to use, easy to customize Podcast Packs.  FX, workparts, music and more high-end audio content, designed for podcast producers, creators and hosts.

POD SPLAT! features world-class sound design elements and royalty free music beds.

  • Sound Design Elements organized into 12 categories: Hits/Impacts, Drones/Layers, Wipes/Whooshes, Stagers/Starters, Tech/Tweaks, and seven more categories.
  • Production Music organized into nine broad categories: EDM/Energetic, Bright/Upbeat, Hip Hop/Urban, Country, Retro/Throwback, Rock/Alternative, Relaxed/Softer, Beats/Loops, Holiday/Specialty.

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