Don’t be one of hundreds in someone else’s aggregated environment.

Have your own app for your brand!

The most important digital real estate today is the smartphone.

With 86% of time spent on the phone being used on apps, it’s critical that your brand be represented on the media platform most central to consumers.

The new V4 platform for radio is fully customizable via a user-friendly content management system. It’s the best way to represent your brand in mobile and engage your audience.

jacapps radio express

Give your audience on-demand content.

  • Download podcasts for offline listening.
  • Search podcasts by title.
  • Favorite or share a podcast.

Get people talking about your brand!

Integrated social media allows your listeners to see your social stream and interact without ever leaving the app.

  • Easy to follow station social stream, and to get your listeners in on the discussion.
  • Pre-populate key hash-tags and handles to manage listener conversations and make talent easy to reach.
jacapps apps

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