Totally 90s

Totally 90s builds on the award winning format of its sister show Totally 80s. Now re-live the decade the brought us the PlayStation, Friends and Girl Power!

Each week on Totally 90s, host Gary King is joined by a Star Guest who reveals their memories of the 1990s. Recent guests include Shania Twain, Bryan Adams and Gary Barlow.
There’s regular features such as the ’90s Mash Up’ (2 or more songs remixed together), a chance to guess-the-year when we play ‘Remember The Time’, plus we’ll have updates on the biggest names from decade. 

Totally 90s appeals directly to the younger end of the 25-44 year old demographic who remember the 90s as the best time of their lives, making it the perfect environment for your advertisers.

Totally 90s is the ideal companion show that builds on the success of Totally 80s, however both shows can easily be aired as standalone propositions.



Hours Per Week


Target Audience

25 - 44



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