Listener Vault

Listener Vault

100% Real Listener Voices
Listeners are the heart and soul of your station imaging.

Their voices reinforce your branding and help your audience relate on a personal level.

They enhance your promos and sweepers and add variety to your voiceover talent.
Do you have enough listener audio woven into your imaging?

Are you lacking the time and personnel to go out and record listener audio?
Need a quick and affordable way to add to the listener drops in your arsenal?

Then you need Listener Vault.

Over one-thousand files full of phrases from everyday people (not actors or DJs).

… CHR, Hot AC, AC and Country.

– Positioners
– Artist names
– 100% real voices
– Male & Female voices
– Over 1k audio files

Add flavor and authenticity to your imaging with Listener Vault.

Format: Digital Download


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