Sound Freqz 80s

Sound Freqz 80s

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Sound Freqz 80s Imaging Library is packed with authentic sounds of the 1980s to give the perfect style to any ’80s-themed show, commercial, promo, podcast or other audio productions.

This library makes it easy to produce ’80s-styled imaging for any purpose. Use it in Station ID Logos, Top-of-the-Hour IDs, Segment Openers and Closers, or in special features such as Weekend Rewind or Flashback Lunch.

Sound Freqz 80s contains:

Anarchy IDs. Fun, produced Plug-and-Play Shells containing real, original 80s nostalgic audio drops.
Branding Logo Beds, Sweepers, Breakers, Combos, Impacts, Wipes, Drones, Risers, Loops, Bumpers, Drops.
80s Song Montages, Pre-Looped & Edited Instrumental Beds from ’80s Hits.
Staged Specialty Effects and Fun Extras.

Sound Freqz 80s Imaging Library is 500-tracks delivered as uncompressed WAV files.

Regular price $599, TODAY $399!

Format: Digital Download


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