Breaking News – Full Coverage

Breaking News – Full Coverage

When something happens in the world, you can rely on Breaking News to give your news stories the sense of urgency and the style you desire. Deliver the latest information just the way you want. Whether it’s for radio, TV or podcast, Breaking News has got you covered.
With the 150 News Beds, loopable trailers and interchangeable logos in 15 themes you can customize the sound of your news imaging to your specific needs.

Especially now with the coverage of all the Covid-19 news stories, you want enough ammunition to create news imaging for all the shows, features and updates. Breaking News Full Coverage has 150 elements with 35 bonus News FX. You can also choose one or more of the 3 Breaking News Packs with each 50 beds and logos in 5 different themes which are combined in Breaking News Full Coverage with the additional 35 FX.

Format: Digital Download


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