Glide 5

Glide 5

Some imaging producers keep searching their whole lives for that one perfect production effect. Some of them, just get the new Glide 5. Because for this library, we didn’t just dive right into the studio. But first we reached out to you: Program and Imaging directors around the world. We asked you what your ideal production library for AC formats should sound like. And in Glide 5 you get exactly what you asked for.

Glide 5 contains 650 brand new FX, Beds and Work Parts. Fresh and contemporary elements that give you complete production flexibility. Not too hard, not too soft. Just the right amount of energy your production needs. And of course with the sound that already for a decade rules the AC airwaves around the globe. The Glide series has become the absolute standard in production FX for Mainstream, Soft and Hot AC Radio.

Glide 5 includes 100 Whooshes in all kinds of forms, intensities and speeds with which you can create smooth transitions between all your programming elements. Subtle Glitches, Beeps and Breakers to accentuate elements in your imaging. In the package you’ll also find 115 Musical Elements with beautiful and classy sounding FX, stagers and starters.

Dive into your station’s music with the Starters of Glide 5 and choose if you want to ignite your imaging with a Splash, Hit or a Swoosh. Another way to start your production is with one of 40 Impacts or 25 Hits, there’s one for each occasion from big to small and fat to subtle. Give your production speed and energy with the Fly Ins, Risers and Wipes. Create tension and buildup with the Whoosh Hits and Combos or create a relaxed atmosphere with the silky Pads of Glide 5.
When you want to give your promos exactly the right amount of energy in the mood you like. Choose from 10 different Beds in all kinds of styles from Tropical to Retro and Pop to R&B, each in 3 versions from full to light.

And as we asked you what you absolutely want to see featured in Glide 5, we listened to you and added specially for AC Radio crafted Winter Elements. These Winter Whooshes, Bells and festive sounds will get you into the Holiday spirit instantly. Or when it’s hot outside, use these fresh and cool sizzlers, splashes and pops of the Summer Elements. And now you can also give your news imaging the sound of Glide with the News Elements containing fresh News Stabs and Stagers.

Glide 5 is the ideal production library for mainstream, soft or hot AC stations, TV stations or podcasts. If you’re looking for an adult and contemporary sound, this library with 650 FX, Beds and Work Parts has got you covered! Glide 5 is also available in an affordable bundle with Glide 1 to 4.

Format: Digital Download


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