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When you’re ready for something new, something different, something that doesn’t sound like everything else… you’re ready to join the Splat! Revolution.

Splat! is world-class imaging that sounds great and is easy to use. Splat! helps you optimize your imaging by letting you work faster and more efficiently. The Splat! online database gives you instant access to tens of thousands of imaging essentials including pre-produced IDs, promos, sweepers, production fx, artist IDs, listener voices, music beds, drops, and more! New imaging is uploaded constantly so your production is always fresh and always up to date. It’s Imaging that compliments your station’s format and connects with your audience.

Splat! is the secret weapon used by more than 600 radio stations across the US and Canada. It’s now available worldwide exclusively through Radio Express.

STREET SPLAT! – Urban, Rhythm, Hip Hop
Featured on HOT 97 New York City, Hot 107.5 Detroit, WKYS Washington DC, and many more. Street Splat! is redefining, redesigning, and revolutionizing radio production. Street Splat! is blazing hot imaging for Urban, Hip Hop, and Rhythmic stations.

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