Trip Q

trip q imaging library

TripQ is designed to give radio Production Managers and Imaging Directors everything needed for imaging any CHR / Rhythmic formatted station.

Each week, TripQ delivers these types of imaging tracks:

• Beat Mixed Music Promo
• Branded Intros
• Promo Shells
• Music Beds
• Sounders & Stagers
• Fully produced tracks AND all the individual components

Beat Mix Promos have beat-mixed beds of three of the hottest songs in the current week with artist drops and space for your station name and slogan. Use the music you play to reinforce your identity with your listeners.

Branded Intros are a way to introduce a song by combining an artist with the brand of your radio station. These tracks promote the station and better listener retention. They are short and sweet combining a highly visible artist, a hit song, and your station’s brand in less than 15 seconds before the song starts.

Promo Shells are produced station promos featuring the music and the artists, ready for local customization and always in tune with the music currently featured in the CHR Rhythmic format.

TripQ is royalty-free and market exclusive may be available.

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